Why every Brother needs a little Black seed Oil in his life. (Sex Oil) Brazil story time.

A few years ago I was down in Brazil on my way to a famous strip club called quatro, quatro. I was riding with a group of brothers I had just met and I was trying my best to hide my nervousness as well as my excitement as it was my first time in the tropical country.

On the way there one of the brothers ask me did I have any pills. At first I assumed he was talking about drugs so I quickly said no. But upon listening to the conversation I realize they were talking about some off brand Viagra. They ask me did I want some. I told them I didn’t need it. I was dismissed by the older brothers (45-50) saying that I was still a little young but the drop off is coming.

I told them even at the ago of 34 I too had experienced limpness of the Johnson. But I discovered a video from a brother on youtube discussing the many benefits of Black seed Oil. One of them being increased blood flow which makes it easier to become and stay erect. The brother Don said he would order it immediately upon arriving in the states.

A few weeks later I received a call from Don, “Brother I love this stuff I feel great but does this stuff make your Johnson big too”. I replied “Well it does increase blood flow and all types of healthy things but as far as increase in size I don’t know.”

To be honest I quickly changed the subject. But to Don’s credit there are several videos on youtube stating that it could increase girth to the Penis. So besides the mental boost you might get from walking around like a aroused porn star all day. Here are some other benefits of this miracle oil

By the way if you wondering yes it was a very wild night in Brazil and I was glad I took my daily dosage.

Brazilian women

But I digress here are some benefits of black seed oil that the evil pharma companies don’t want you to know about.

Enhances weight loss

250 men found that black seed by itself, or in combination with turmeric, produced some weight loss and reduced risk factors for diabetes. As we all know diabetes is huge problem in our community.

Reduces Rheynatoud Arthiritis and Gout

I can attest to this personally. A few weeks ago I was feeling stiff, my knees and joints were achining up a storm. Even as I was weight lifting I would catch flares of joint pain. I thought hold up not yet Im only 37. But I remember I had not taken my black seed oil in a few weeks. The particular brand I use was sold out on Amazon. They promised me they would never run out again and it was just a flood of orders to come in.

Enhances Men’s Fertility

Thats right fellas ! think you found the right one. Is it time to put your Dick trophy away and start a family. Well look no further black seed oil will do the job at pushing your little soldiers beyond enemy lines. That’s only if your ready for that. If you raw dogging hood rats take black seed oil at your own risk.

Lowers Cholesterol

Black seed oil lowered cholesterol in a study of 800 adults. High cholesterol is a major problem for black men and causes strokes. Black seed oil along with a healthy diet will keep you veins free of harmful traffic.

Hair Growth

Black seed oil not only help generates hair growth for thinning it also retreads grey hair.

Below are some links to purchase your first bottle. Personally I buy the capsules and the oil. I take a pill in the morning and at night then rub the oil on my face and beard.

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