The Japanese are Dying 🇯🇵 “Sex Robots are killing us”

A negative birth rate is nothing to sneeze at. Non melanated societies all over the world are having less children. At the forefront of this epidemic is Japan, which has one of the lowest fertility rates on Earth. Japan’s population shrinks by a quarter of a million every year.

If current trends hold, Japan’s population will collapse by more than half over the next 25-50 years. Japanese elders blame the drop in sex and birthrates on a high reliance of digital companionship and extremely long work hours. “To many men rely on porn and sex robots” says a Japanese elder who’s son is in his late 30’s and still a virgin. A review of Japan’s National Fertility Survey reveals one out of every 10 Japanese men in their 30s is still a virgin. 

How do you stop your country’s population shrinking?

While some obvious equations may come to mind, (More Sex = more babies)coming up with policy responses is not simple.  Female employment has increased significantly due to labour shortages. Combined with the work to death culture of Japan(literally), promoting work-life balance and motherhood is difficult. In a study by the Japanese family planning association over 50% of Japanese women despise sexual contact and no longer want marriage.

Many Japanese women flinch when I touch them!” explains a man. “I no longer want a woman and prefere my Sex doll”.

Masayuki Ozaki’s says his sex doll is the love of his life.

Western governments like the United states are looking at Japan as and example of things to possible come. Marriage and fertility rates are down in the US among the white population. Coupled (no pun intended) with a heroin epidemic American whites are rapidly losing there majority status. Like most of the world the United states is moving towards a black and brown population. Researches have stated that the writing is on the wall and unless drastic measures are taken (with some radical politicians even suggesting white breeding camps) America will return to being a “Black and Brown nation”.

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