350 Million Dollar investment maybe Sign of the End of Sosua

Tourism down 90% in Sosua

A video produced by the Educated traveler exposes the police harassments of the locals, ladies and vendors of the town of Sosua, Dominican republic. The government seems to be trying to clean house to make room for major investment dollars.

Multiple business owners testify to constant acts of government corruption. Local business extortion as well tourist shake downs by corrupt police has left a damper on tourism. The locals as well as business owners and expats are fighting for human rights. Unfortunately these efforts might fall on deaf ears as long as the government see’s Gold at the end of the Devils rainbow, Money.

As reported by the Dominican time – With an investment of over US$350 million and the creation of more than 2,000 direct jobs, the future of the tourism industry in Sosúa looks promising.

The start of the construction soon of three luxury hotels by Marriott International and The Ocean Club Group is the best indicator of the dynamism observed in Sosúa.

“It is gratifying to receive high-end hotels in Sosúa that will contribute very significantly to local tourism and that will help economic growth with new jobs and visitors with greater purchasing power,” said Ilana Neumann, mayor of Sosúa.

The construction of The Luxury Collection, W Hotel and The Ritz Carlton Reserve will make Sosúa an ideal destination for tourists.

As Reported by : Dominican Today

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