Facebook, twitter, the message boards and WhatsApp all started blowing up around 7pm last night. This is the biggest news to hit town since Rumbas closed.

Classicos and Merengue bar both shut their doors, permanently.

Over one year ago the city of Sosua passed a resolution mandating that the downtown night clubs either change their business models or relocate out of the downtown district. The business owners were provided a grace period of twelve months to conform. The ordinance was fully enacted this week and the days of downtown Sosua essentially operating as one gigantic brothel seem to be over.

The shift from sex tourism to a family friendly beach town isn’t going to happen overnight but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Don’t worry boys, the girls will still be here just head down to the casino after 11pm or dial up your “date” on a social app.

Take a stroll through Sosua Ocean Village, Playa Laguna, Hispaniola, Sea Horse, Perla Marina and Casa Linda. The number of families, retirees and expats living in those communities is rising exponentially. The downtown district needed to be cleaned up and it needs to be accessible to everyone, not just the spandex hunters.

The future of Sosua is tied to residential real estate growth, commercial development and tourism. Not prostitution. The long term effects of cleaning up the downtown district and changing Sosua’s reputation will benefit everyone. #rescatemosnuestroparaiso

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