The Ball Family’s Big Baller Brand began to unravel earlier this year after a report by ESPN revealed that Big Baller Brand co-owner and Ball family friend Alan Foster — who has previously served time for financial crimes — likely stole $1.5 million from the mostly Ball family-owned brand. After the news dropped, the Ball family disassociated themselves from Foster, who owned 16 percent of BBB. Now Foster is striking back at the family, claiming
A negative birth rate is nothing to sneeze at. Non melanated societies all over the world are having less children. At the forefront of this epidemic is Japan, which has one of the lowest fertility rates on Earth. Japan’s population shrinks by a quarter of a million every year. If current trends hold, Japan’s population will collapse by more than half over the next 25-50 years. Japanese elders blame the drop in sex and birthrates
A few years ago I was down in Brazil on my way to a famous strip club called quatro, quatro. I was riding with a group of brothers I had just met and I was trying my best to hide my nervousness as well as my excitement as it was my first time in the tropical country. On the way there one of the brothers ask me did I have any pills. At first I
Freddie Figgers is known to be one of the most innovative African American inventors and tech entrepreneurs of our time. Figgers is a computer programmer, software engineer, and founder of Figgers Communications, the only Black-owned telecommunications firm in the United States competing with networks like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.  Founded in 2009, Figgers Communications offers mobile data plans in more than 80 countries. When the company released its first smartphone, Figgers F1 in 2014, it was widely
The family and friends of Wendell Brown a former football star, crowded the arrivals area at Detroit Metro Airport just before 6 a.m. to see his arrival. He was greeted with tears and hugs. Brown was sentenced to four years in a Chinese prison back in 2016 after he was involved in a bar fight. The former Detroit King and Ball State linebacker was coaching and teaching football in China at the time. Brown was
Reason #1 :   Experience Life Outside Your Country A traveling Black Man is a Respected Black Man.  There is a difference in how black men are treated in your home country compared to outside of your native land.  When you travel internationally the level of respect that is given to you is much greater than when you travel within your country. This is due to a variety of reasons.  Outside your homeland, you will meet people

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