Credit: FAST COMPANY An alarming new report from McKinsey & Co. called “The future of work in black America” highlights the challenges American workers will face during the next decade as automation continues to take away blue-collar jobs. But while the negative effects of automation are expected to hit all demographics, black American males are the group that will be most affected. Automation refers to software, artificial intelligence, and robots taking over low-skilled jobs that
If you are looking to make some new career moves, check out these 10 companies that will pay you to travel, according to Forbes. Airbnb Yes, your favorite app to use when you need affordable accommodations is also a really great employer. The app-based travel marketplace will give its employees $2,000 in coupons each year, just to stay at Airbnb properties.  Afar Media This online travel and media brand really knows how to keep retention rates
When I was 12 years old my father pulled me in the living room. Well rather yanked me by the arm. He look me in the eyes and said “Son if you turn Gay I will KILL you.” I simply replied “Dad I like girls!” See a few minutes earlier my step mother brought her gay best friend in the house. He was a super fruity dude. Kind of like Damon wayans gay character in
The Ball Family’s Big Baller Brand began to unravel earlier this year after a report by ESPN revealed that Big Baller Brand co-owner and Ball family friend Alan Foster — who has previously served time for financial crimes — likely stole $1.5 million from the mostly Ball family-owned brand. After the news dropped, the Ball family disassociated themselves from Foster, who owned 16 percent of BBB. Now Foster is striking back at the family, claiming
A negative birth rate is nothing to sneeze at. Non melanated societies all over the world are having less children. At the forefront of this epidemic is Japan, which has one of the lowest fertility rates on Earth. Japan’s population shrinks by a quarter of a million every year. If current trends hold, Japan’s population will collapse by more than half over the next 25-50 years. Japanese elders blame the drop in sex and birthrates
A few years ago I was down in Brazil on my way to a famous strip club called quatro, quatro. I was riding with a group of brothers I had just met and I was trying my best to hide my nervousness as well as my excitement as it was my first time in the tropical country. On the way there one of the brothers ask me did I have any pills. At first I

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