Manifest Your Destiny

Every living person on this earth has a reason for being here.  Before you were thrust into the system you believed in something.  As a child, we all had something we enjoyed.  Something we were passionate about.  Fast forward ten years and you’ve been tossed into the U.S system of the have and have nots. …


Spotlight: Ethiopian Women (Wifey Material Alert)

Calling Ethiopian ladies beautiful is an understatement.  These ladies are mystifying in their appearance and are definitely among the most beautiful women on earth. Ethiopian women are not only gorgeous but morally upright as well. Modesty is evident in the way they dress, address people and even behave. They are also very submissive and look …


Top 10 Brazilian MILFS

10. NEGRA LI Negra Li has shined on stage since 2004. The singer and actress began her career in Hip Hop and today mixes rhythms with a more maturity and full of personality, besides using her beauty and voice on the stages of Brazilian musicals. 9. ISABEL FILLARDIS Isabel Fillardis began her career as a …



Let us not state the obvious, Black men in America have been dealt a bad deck of cards.  White men have an abundance of wealth while black men are barely getting by.  The investment issue is a big reason for the wealth gap between black and white men.  A recent study by Charles Schwab reports …