Black Single Mothers are contributing to the rise of LGBT children.

When I was 12 years old my father pulled me in the living room. Well rather yanked me by the arm. He look me in the eyes and said “Son if you turn Gay I will KILL you.” I simply replied “Dad I like girls!” See a few minutes earlier my step mother brought her gay best friend in the house. He was a super fruity dude. Kind of like Damon wayans gay character in Living Color.

My father told my step mother he was not allowed in the house but somehow he made it in the kitchen when my Father wasn’t home. Old sweetness left soon after.

Now I’m not saying my father telling me he would murder me was a deciding factor on me being a heterosexual man. By 12 I had already had a few sexual experiences with girls, thanks to the baptist church, and I was smitten. However, I will say that my father telling me that let me know at a early age that giving up my manhood was not a option and was equal to death.

In the 90s black LGBT was a rare thing and frowned upon in the black community. The Set it off Queen Latifah’s would sometimes get a pass but often those women were unattractive so in all honesty no one cared.

See In those days our community knew that the healthiest situation for children is to have a mom and dad in the house, and a bonus to have some brothers and sisters as well. Unfortunately the game by the dominate society (the Clintons mainly) in the 90s was mass incarceration of the black male. In the early 2000’s the new game on the block is LGBT ism and its working. Thanks to single mothers, let me explain.

In Reference to the boys:

Without the father, the masculine role, a boy is primarily exposed to the feminine spirit. This is the case 100% of the time at home and approximately 75% of the time outside of the home (since most teachers are female). This leaves very little room for a masculine influence and may cause the boy to exhibit feminine traits to be further accepted by his mother, the centre of his universe. This thirst for acceptance may further be exacerbated by the presence of a favored female sibling. The boy may notice this preference of the mother to girlish behavior and may start to think that he will be loved more of he imitates such behavior.

A final point about school. It is well known that females have an ingroup preference and that men have an outgroup preference. This means that the boy will notice the majority of teachers (as they are female) give preference to girls, which may further the appeal of transitioning.

In Reference to the girls:

The father is often a little girls first love imprint. Unfortunately many black women sever the relationship between fathers and daughters. Or they choose less than responsible black men to sire children with. This often opens up a door of hatred towards black men. The girls find solace and comfort in having sexual experiences with their boyish female friends. This will lead them down a road of misery. Never having the confidence to be in a relationship with a man and raise productive children.

The rise of Lgbt ism is all by design. The number 1 strategy being more than obvious , population control. In the government eyes the more black people live a alternative lifestyle the better. Team this up with a high rate of abortion and genocide and well black folks we have a huge problem.

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