5 Reasons Blackmen Love the Dominican Republic


Caribbean beach and Dominican Republic flag on Saona island

The weather stays warm all year round in the Dominican Republic so there really is no bad time to visit. Many brothers leave the frigid colds of North America and take a short flight down south to the tropical climate of the DR. A mix of warm weather and sandy beaches is worth it weight in gold. Not to mention the endless amount of eye candy strolling down the sands. Don’t worry we’ll get to that later.


The D.R is a quick two hour plane ride from Miami so you’ll be taking shots of Rum on the beach before dinnertime. American Airlines, Jetblue and Spirit have flights to different cities all over the island. At the time of this article prices can vary from $200.00 to $800.00 depending on the time of the year. For men traveling to Sosua I suggest Spirit.


Isn’t America’s tyrannical system of capitalism grand. No of course not but your not here to save the world, at least not today. So take advantage of the 50:1 exchange rate of the U.S Dollar to Dominican Peso. To make sure you get the best bang for your buck buy through a local. This even applies to rental properties.


Award winning Black Owned BBQ on Sosua Beach

Conducting business in the Dominican republic can be risky. You definitely have to do your research and form relationships with the Dominican governance. That being said African American men are conducting business at a high level all over the island. From small mid level businesses to multi million dollar resorts. Black men are winning on the small beautiful Island.


Ahh yes, the beautiful and feminine women of the Dominican Republic. They come in all shapes, sizes and complexions. The majority of Dominican women are mixed with Taino indian, Spaniard and African giving them a true exoticness. Most Dominican women are great cooks and don’t mind letting their man lead the way. In a age of masculine western women a relationship with one of these island girls can be a breath of fresh air. Prostitution is legal in the country so if you want something a little more genuine venture outside the tourist areas.

Dominican women desire foreign men because marrying one will elevate their social status. So, be ready to deal with all the attention you’ll get and learn how to steer your way through multiple dates. And while a good number of Dominican Republic women can speak fairly good English, learning a bit of Spanish will help you attract the hottest Dominican girls in the region!

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