5 Reasons Black men should Travel The World.

Reason #1 :   Experience Life Outside Your Country

A traveling Black Man is a Respected Black Man.  There is a difference in how black men are treated in your home country compared to outside of your native land.  When you travel internationally the level of respect that is given to you is much greater than when you travel within your country.

This is due to a variety of reasons.  Outside your homeland, you will meet people who will find you interesting because they have either never met someone from the place you call home or they have never visited your homeland.

There’s also the assumption that black men who travel have lots of money.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  Traveling is viewed as an expensive lifestyle.  So, if you want to be elevated to instant baller status, travel internationally.

Reason #2: Take Stock Of Business Opportunities

Business is based on providing goods and services to people who are in need. The best way to assess those needs is by traveling.  International travel can give you lots of great ideas on how to fulfill those needs.  It can also provide you direct access to contacts and resources that could potentially assist you in providing goods and services at an affordable rate.

Reason #3: Meet Quality Women

Looking for top notch women?  Some of the most beautiful and submissive women are overseas.  You will find women all over the world who love African American Men.  So if you live in an area where you feel the mindset of the women does not reflect your mindset, it’s time to travel outside of the country.

Brazilian Women

Reason #4: It Can Save Your Life

Black men in America must be thoughtful about being pulled over by a racist cop or being the subject of surveillance.  Even going to the store can result in you being followed by sales people who feel you might rob them.  This can result in black men overly compensating by being extra-nice in an attempt to dispel these offensive stereotypes.

Anyone of these potential situations could land you in jail or even worst dead.  When you travel internationally, the odds of this happening to you are very slim.  Don’t you just want to live!!!

Reason #5: Builds Your Confidence

Traveling internationally allows you to develop a greater understanding of who you are and where you feel you best fit in the world.  While traveling you will be responsible for navigating cultural differences, time and money management, along with the travel experience you desire.  All of these factors are critical to building your confidence as black men.

Although it seems the world works against the black man…The first man on the planet…The World is YOURS!!!   Get rid of the shackles and travel internationally.

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