Understanding the Racial Element in Breaking Bad


I know what your thinking, damn why does everything have to be about race? Why does arguably one of the greatest shows of all time have to have a racist angle to it?  Well because it does and like most Hollywood productions  the premise was filled with racial undertone to the very core.   A  super intelligent and brave white man conquers the meth trade from a group of savage minorities in the name of White superiority.  (Yes this is the premise, Im a screen writer I would know but don’t worry I have receipts below)   The episodes were written so masterfully that most viewers didn’t even recognize the fresh dosage of subtle and sometimes not so subtle racism they were being served on a weekly basis for five years.

Breaking News! Walter White is Donald Trump and Gus Fring is Barack Obama.  A shocking revelation you might say but more on this later.

In the first season Walter White mentions the Gustav Gun,  A  massive gun invented by a team of Nazi Scientist.  This is just one of many dishonorable mentions of the genius of the Nazi party.  Your favorite protagonist (Walter White) also names himself after a German Nazi physicist, Werner Heisenberg.  Most viewers were clueless to the Nazi name drops but thats just a tip of the ice burg.

In season 4 a new character by the name of Todd  introduces himself to Walter after he spots a nanny cam in a home their about to whip up a batch of meth in.  Todd’s Uncle just happens to be the kingpin of…you guessed it, a white supremacist gang.  Jack Welker also  has a huge Nazi tattoo plastered on his neck.    Walter White now has a working association with a white supremacist  group (Donald Trump/ALT RIGHT) and Gus Fring has his Black and brown gang. (Barack Obama/minority support) .    Although these two groups are separated by different seasons the racial element is still set.

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On the show the value of white life in comparison to black and brown life is easily recognizable.  Any time a white character is killed it signals a moral turning point in the show, a sign that things may have gone too far. Jane, Gale, Mike, Drew Sharp–these deaths are shown to have moral weight, whereas most every brown life taken is seen as inevitable.  The message here is that while dying in the drug trade is to minorities basically akin to dying of natural causes, white people shouldn’t suffer this way.  Yet latino blood flows freely with no remorse or major story significance.

Even the death of Steve Gomez, Hank’s often-emasculated loyal-hangdog Latino partner, is treated as a piece of decoration tacked onto Hank’s subsequent demise. Like in many of the old westerns the show can trace its lineage to, brown people on Breaking Bad are mostly there to be outsmarted, manipulated, and ultimately killed.



Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 3.14.48 AM

(Kills Latino with no remorse)

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 12.18.01 PM

(Cries about killing a white man and watches the Sunset with him)

The objective of western propaganda can be found in the ingredients of many mainstream shows.  One of the key points is the value system of life.  White life is more important than any other and should be taken only when absolutely necessary.  People that refer to themselves as white have a negative birthrate whilst people of color are experiencing a population boom.   To off set this in the minds of the masses Hollywood projects negative stereotypes of whom they deemed as minorities.   Minorities live are expendable and white lives matter.