Top 5 countries for single Bro’s to travel

Okay, so you’ve got your Passport now what.  We took the liberty of helping you whittle down your list of countries to shoot your shot in.  We’ve combined the opinions of well traveled brothers and here’s what we came up with.  Like to READ it here it go:

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5: Phillipines


If you ready to settle down then the Philippines is the perfect country for you.  Many Filipino women are interested in marrying Western Men to escape the hassles & realities of life in the Philippines.   These women are all about their family and their husbands.

PROS: Great U.S. Exchange, English speaking 

CONS:Flight distance, Poverty stricken   

Major cities: Manilla, Cebu

4: Thailand


Thailand could have easily been ranked number 1 on this list.  Not only are the women beautiful but there also very loving to Black American Men.  Thai women view black men as extremely masculine and “good in bed.” As long as you are clean and well dressed, you should meet beautiful Thai women with ease.   Learning some basic Thai will go a long way and make you even more desirable.

PROS: Great U.S Exchange rate, English speaking women

CON: Flight distance, Travel scams

One minor issue is the travel distance.  If its your first time out the Matrix a 14-24 hour flight with a lay over somewhere in Asia can be daunting to say the least.

Major tourist cities: Bangkok and Pattaya 

3.Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is a great country for a quick get away outside the Matrix.  Beautiful white beaches along side great food, sexy women and Casinos.   You can also get a bank account with only a passport.  Im not gonna get into the details of why this is good, lets just say its wise to have money stashed over seas.  Everywhere you go you’ll find an atmosphere of fun and drinking, The sex culture is very liberal, and the girls have some of the thickest, craziest bodies you will ever see.

Major Cities: Sosua, Santa Dominga, Puerto Plata, Cabarete

PROS: Good U.S Exchange rate, Travel Distance, Beautiful beaches

CONS: Local scams, women know little english.



Columbia is another country that could have easily been number one on the list.  The women in Columbia are drop dead gorgeous and they love Black American men.   From my personal experience Colombian women will sit right beside you and strike up a conversation.  These women are passionate lovers and great cooks.  Flights to Colombia are more than reasonable and you will have no problem finding a place to stay. Check out the video below to see what this sexy mamacita says about American Black men.

Major Cities: Medellin, Cartagena, Cali

PROS: Location, U.S Dollar exchange, Humble women

CONS: Most women no very little english.  Colombian women can be extremely possessive.    


unnamedSnip20160401_42-212x300From my personal experience Brazil is one of the most captivating countries in the world.  There are millions of beautiful Brazilian woman hungry for Black men.  These women will jump through hoops to make you happy.   Go out to a club and you might find yourself debating on which woman you want to take home.  Brazilian women will sit right in your lap and wont budge all night.  So choose wisely. Learn Portuguese and your really in the game.

PROS: Beautiful woman overload, Good U.S Dollar exchange

CONS: Distance, No one speaks english.  Tourist areas can be expensive.  

Popular cities: Rio Di Janerio, Salvador Bahia, Sao Paulo



Recently my Brother OSHAY DUKE JACKSON flew out to Johannesburg, South Africa.   From his  own words “South Africa is the Sh%t. ”  Check out the video below for the rundown on this beautiful country.

Popular cities : Johannesburg, Cape Town