German Flight Attendants & Beef With Brazilian Dudes (Video)

Brazil is one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world.  Gorgeous women of all shades with sexy bodies that Love Black American men.  Couple that with sandy beaches and a very reasonable  U.S Dollar exchange rate and you have what some could deem, a brothers heaven on earth.

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That being said, Brazil has a multitude of problems.  The economic freedoms that some black men take for granted are far and in between for the local Brazilian brother.  Yes, there are a number of Black men doing well in Brazil but it pails in comparison to African American Men.  Many of whom have access to an American Credit system as well as top paying Jobs.  The reality is this: Women all over the world are checking for African American Men.  It’s a certain upper class maybe even a stereotype associated with American Black men.  Whatever it is, it works in our favor.

Enter two American brothers chillaxing on the beach who’ve been greeted by two beautiful German Flight Attendants.  One busty  (Big boobs fellas) German Ethiopian and the other a blond haired blue eyed snow bunny.


Easy prey for the wild loins of two middle-aged American brothers or that’s what we thought.  What we didn’t know was that the girls were previously being entertained by two Brazilian brothers.

The Battle for the Pussy was on!      What the Brazilian bros failed to realize that even though we were on their turf, which they made very clear.   Black American men are well versed in confrontation.  Especially two brothers that grew up in the hood.  After what seems like a two-mile battle of wits and stare downs we ultimately came up on top.  Check out the video below for full details.