Are Black men happier with Foreign Women?


Ok brothers it’s time for us to face the elephant in the room.  Black men are learning foreign languages, applying for passports, learning how to trade stocks and saving money for a reason.  Lets put it frankly: Brothers are running from Sisters like a rookie running back at the NFL combine.



One of the many black community shaming tactics is  black men hate themselves and want the white man’s or the asian man’s women to feel validated.   Not true,  a brother can marry a foreign sister from Latin America as dark as Wesley Snipes and they’ll still hate you.

Another one is black men only travel to foreign countries like Brazil to take advantage of impoverished women.  As if we running in Favelas kidnapping chicks and bringing them to negro wife sweatshops.  Remember this is the Matrix.  Your penis and your resources belong to her, the dreaded AAW.  How dare you  invest in yourself and travel the world to meet beautiful and submissive women you can build a strong family with.  Thats white supremacy sacrilege.


TRUTH TO POWER TIME:   At the end of the day, the juice is simply not worth the squeeze.  Media propaganda, biased laws that favor women and feminism makes marrying a American woman (black or white) a extremely risky investment.    Especially for a black man.  In these times a brother must be international.  Are there good women in the states? of course.  But their far and in between which means a brothers has to cast a large net.  Which can be extremely expensive and time draining.

Over seas dating cost much less and the women are playing “end game dating”.  Foreign women are looking for a husband and not looking to date casually like so many American woman are.   They can date all day long as long as their not expected to pay for meals and trips.  What most American women are looking for is a 50 gazillion dollar wedding not a husband.  So to answer the question are Black men happier with foreign women?   Yes, most brothers are.

The sad thing is that black men have been so emasculated and pussy whooped that they often spew the talking points of a female, at other black men!   Don’t believe it, check out a classic Oshay Duke Jackson hang out below.


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This is not a topic just for Black Men. This is what is happening to all men living in countries where feminism has taken root. I am living in Japan at the moment and I have met men from all over the world, that are saying similar things.

Focus on building yourself up first. So, that when the right woman or women comes around you are able to handle yourself accordingly.


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