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Blackmen Travels presents: Aaron Farris in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Video Day 1)

Whats cracking people! I had to see for myself if Rio De  Janeiro was all its cracked up to be.  I kept hearing how beautiful and submissive the women are.  Well, lets just put it this way.  Rio definitely did not disappoint.  As a matter fact, Rio hit me smack dab in the face like a …


5 Reasons Black Athletes should attend HBCU’s

Historical black colleges face stress on all fronts.  Enrollment declines, cuts to government financial aid, leadership controversies and heightened oversight are working together to threaten some HBCUs in new ways and perhaps even jeopardize their existence. On the other hand, white colleges are thriving, critics point to the $10.8 billion deal that the NCAA inked …

Gelila Bekele nude Ethiopian girl picture

From East Africa with LOVE

These three countries might as well be called the triangle of love.    The women of these countries are beautiful, smart, submissive, sexy and fiercely loyal.  Not only do these women love and worship their men they also age like fine wine.  Dating a African women is like dating a 25 year old for the next …